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Basic Web Hosting Includes:

Additional Tools
Blogging tools like Joomla or WordPress, podcasting tools, web traffic monitoring software and the ability to set up multiple databases are also included.

Large Monthly Transfer Amounts to Support Extra Visitors
This ensures that your visitors can simultaneously visit, download and engage with your site without ever slowing it down or costing you extra.

This is the amount of data that passes between the server where your website is hosted and your visitors. How much Transfer do you need? Estimate your average page size w/ graphics MULTIPLIED BY # page views / month.
Example: average page size of 50 KB X 2000 page views per day = 3 GB per month. 1,000 GB = 1 TB

Guaranteed Server Resources
Your site will load fast and consistently for every visitor. This service is unique to Verio!

Dedicated IP Address
Shared IP addresses are less reliable and can make your site load slowly. With a dedicated IP address this is not an issue. Plus you can add an SSL certificate for added security at any time.

A static or dedicated IP address is a specific, unchanging number sequence that is used every time to refer to your website on the Internet. Many hosting providers use a shared IP address or dynamic IP for all the websites on a server. This means that a different IP is assigned each time your website connects to the Internet, and this IP is shared by other sites on the server. If any of those other sites are banned by the search engines or spam lists, your site will be affected and lumped in as one of the offenders.

Automatic Site Backups
Backups are performed both nightly and weekly - so an archived version of your site is readily available.

Service and Satisfaction Guarantees
Get reliable performance from our global IP network, our 99.9% server uptime guarantee and a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

Uptime is a percentage of time that your website will be working. An uptime guarantee offers compensation should the uptime of a server not meet a predefined percentage of time to be available, in a specific timeframe (usually on a per month basis). Uptime guarantees of 99.9% per month are the most common within the hosting industry.

24×7×365 Phone and Email Support
Our highly trained technical staff is here to help answer your questions any time. Plus you can access online tutorials, video library and our online knowledge base for additional help.

Verio Web Hosting

You get what you pay for. Choose Verio's award-winning, Web Hosting plans that deliver the best value for the money, including all the tools you need to set up your online presence or expand what you already have. These aren't just any website hosting plans. You get robust functionality, the ability to scale your solution as your business grows and free website design and online marketing tools. Every basic web hosting plan also includes 24×7×365 live phone and email support.