Our websites are all hand coded, we do not use templates, we develop responsive HTML5 websites for better search engine optimization.

If you need a Content management system so you can edit sections of your website then we have the CMS sytem for you.

Editing your website with no knowledge of HTML can be difficult, We make it easy.

Our CMS is the most simple way to allow the ability to edit the content on your pages, without the possibility of damaging or changing things outside the allowed area...

We will migrated the CMS script in to any section of any page(s) of your website. You would have the ability to login and edit that page without the knowledge of HTML.

It is so simple.

We hesitate to call it a Content Management System (CMS) it would be more appropriate to use the term Content Editing System.

How it works

We will add the editable section to the web pages where you would want to be able to edit. All you need to do is visit a page that you would like to edit hit CTRL + Y on the keyboard and log in.

What you can edit

From this point you can edit the text, upload images, add links, and anything else that you would want to do within the area of the page that we have given you privileges over.

No Special Software is needed

You do not need any special software on their local computer.
Internet Explorer or Firefox will work just find from a Windows system, and on a Mac you can edit through Safari or Firefox for Mac.