Q: Do you design and develop SEO friendly websites?

A: Yes, we custom design and develop websites. The quality of your website is very important in terms of SEO and being user friendly. Our websites are hand-coded, W3C validated, page speed optimized and ADA compliant for the best possible success of ranking high in the search engines. We do not use templates or drag-drop-web builders.

Q: How long do i have to pay for SEO for my company website?

A: SEO marketing is like any conventional advertising, this is something that you have to fit into your budget and stick with. The reason is that Google algorithm is constantly changing and we need to keep up with any updates and fresh content in order for you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Q: Do I need to sign a yearly contract for your SEO services?

A: No, we do not force anyone to sign a contract, we work mon-to-month. We recommend giving it at least 4 months so you can have an idea if this will work for you. Our client retention rate is over 95% so we are sure that you will be with us long-term.

Q: How long does SEO take to show up in the search results?

A: Normally 3 to 6 months before you start to see keywords rank in the search results. It partially depends on the quality of your existing website and the age of your domain. when we start the on-site optimization process your ranking will improve each month.

Q: How long does it take for a Google Ads campaign show up in the search results?

A: Google Ads (PPC) will show up within a day when the campaign is activated. However, it takes good management and time for the campaign to build history and run at its best.

Q: Is it better to do SEO or PPC marketing?

A: SEO will bring you more traffic than PPC. If you have the marketing budget it is a good idea to do both SEO organic search and Google Ads PPC. The PPC will bring more traffic short term and the SEO will gradually take over and work best for you.

Q: Why is SEO so effective?

A: SEO is organic search, It is the most budget friendly form of marketing for any service type business and will bring you the best results. Your keywords will rank better giving you more visibility, website traffic and opportunities that can potentially convert to customers.

Q: Will switching my hosting company affect my search rankings?

A: No, it won't affect your rankings, but it wouldn't hurt to leave your site up on the old host for about a month to ensure that the DNS propagates across the Web and that the search spiders are indexing the pages at the new host. Once you see the spiders in your log files at the new host, it should be safe to take down the site at the old server.

Q: Are all SEO Companies the Same

A: Many SEO companies have different techniques and tools for scanning, testing and reports. They are not all the same so it is difficult to compare. You would want to search for a SEO company that only practices white-hat SEO and it is a good idea to check their reviews. We use many of the top-rated tools for SEO because many show different results and it helps us to manage your website resulting in better ranking.